No Water In Bathroom Sink? Follow These Important Steps

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If there isn't any water coming out of your bathroom sink, the first thing you might do is panic or call your utility company. But before do any of these things, take a moment to find out why your sink faucet isn't working. If you follow the important steps below, you can find out why water isn't coming out of your bathroom sink.

Check the Sink Shut-Off Valve

Almost every plumbing fixture in your home contains a shut-off valve. Shut-off valves control the flow, rate, and circulation of water to toilets, bathtubs, and even sinks. If someone accidentally moved or turned the valve to the off position, the pipes attached to the sink will close or stop circulating water. 

Gently try to turn the valve clockwise to see if it's off. If the valve doesn't move when you try to turn it, then it's completely off. You want to move the valve counterclockwise to turn it back on. Now, turn on your sink faucet and wait. Water may sputter out of the spout before it flows freely.

If you followed the tips above and water still didn't come out of the faucet, call an emergency plumber. Something else could be wrong with the sink.

Allow a Plumber to Help

Many other parts control the flow of water to your sinks and other plumbing fixtures, including the pressure regulator valve. This type of valve controls the pressure inside plumbing pipes. If the valve becomes faulty, the pressure inside your pipes will become too high or too low. In your particular case, the pressure inside your pipes may be too low.

A plumbing contractor can test the pressure regulator piece to see if it's broken or miscalibrated. If the regulator is simply miscalibrated or off, a plumber can recalibrate the device. The valve should work properly afterward.

If the regulator valve is broken or on the verge of failing, a contractor will replace it. A plumber will need to shut off your home's water supply completely before they remove and replace the valve. After the new valve's in place, the pressure in your plumbing pipes should increase to the correct rate.

If the pressure regulator valve or any of your plumbing valves are behind the problems in your bathroom sink, a plumbing contractor will tell you about it immediately. A plumbing contractor may need to investigate other places in your plumbing system for problems.

If you need emergency help with your plumbing, call a plumbing contractor for assistance today.