Problems With Pressure? 4 Ways A Plumber Improve Water Pressure

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If you're dealing with low water pressure in your house, don't live with the problem. Without good water pressure, your dishes won't get as clean. And, you can't enjoy a relaxing shower without good water pressure. That's where a plumber comes into the picture. You might not realize it, but there are steps a plumber can take to resolve issues with low water pressure. If you're not sure how a plumber can help with your water pressure issues, read the list below. Here are four ways a plumber can restore the water pressure in your home. 

Install a Water Pressure Booster

If you want to increase the water pressure in your house, now's the time to talk to a plumber about installing a water pressure booster. Water pressure boosters get installed right at the main line. That's where the water supply enters your house. That can be the main municipal water line or your residential water well. Once the pressure booster is installed, it increases water pressure throughout your house. That means your shower won't lose pressure when someone turns a faucet on in another area of the house. 

Install a Water Pressure Regulator

If the water pressure in your house fluctuates, you might need a new pressure regulator. Water pressure regulators ensure a steady pressure for your residential water. When the regulator malfunctions, the water pressure doesn't remain consistent. You could have a steady stream of water one minute, but get a slow trickle the next minute. A new pressure regulator will fix the issue of water pressure fluctuation. 

Replace Old Plumbing Fixtures

If you're losing water pressure in some of your faucets, it's time to replace the fixtures. That's especially important if you have hard water in your house. Hard water minerals can build up inside the faucets and pipes. Those calcium deposits can get so big that water can't make it through the faucets. When that happens, you'll notice a dramatic decrease in water pressure. Before you lose water pressure altogether, have a plumber replace the problem faucets. 

Replace the Water Pipes

If you've lost water pressure in your entire house, talk to your plumber about replacing the water pipes There could be issues in pipes that are preventing water from getting through to the house. This can happen when hard water deposits build up in all the pipes. It can also happen when the pipes start to decay. Either way, replacing the water pipes in your house will resolve the problems with low water pressure.

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