Tips To Prevent Clogged Drains During Winter

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The icy weather during the winter season can cause extreme damage to your plumbing. Although plumbing systems don't need daily maintenance, you need to take proactive preventive measures during winter.

Other than frozen pipes, the low temperatures during winter cause clogged drains. Seeking drain cleaning services for a clogged drain will cost between $130 and $180. However, you can save money by preventing clogged drains by following the tips below.

Dump Grease and Coffee Remains in the Trash

Whenever you are using a grease can, consider throwing it away instead of washing it. Grease and oils will quickly solidify during winter and clog your pipes. Due to the clog, other debris can easily collect inside your plumbing pipes.

Although coffee grounds may seem tiny and will get down your drains, they are a major reason for clogged pipes. When done with coffee grounds, you can throw them in the trash or your compost garden. Draining them through the plumbing system will result in a build-up that causes clogs down the drainage.

Frequently Pour Hot Water on Plumbing Pipes

Sometimes, the clog may not be due to things going down the drain but due to extremely low temperatures. In areas where the temperature is zero degrees or below, water inside the pipes freezes and causes a clog.

However, you can deal with this by frequently pouring hot water on the plumbing pipes. Alternatively, you can increase the temperature settings in your home, especially in cold rooms.

Insulate a Home You Don't Use

Do you have a home you don't frequently use? An unused drainage system is likely to clog. Therefore, if there is a house you won't be using over the winter, consider insulating it properly to prevent clogs.

When insulating, don't leave any room for a draught. If insulating your home seems tedious, you can get a trusted friend to pop in your home, turn on the heating and use the drain systems frequently.

Clear the Area Around Your Drains

Due to the high risk of clogging during winter, ensure the area around your drains is clear and clean. Keep it free of debris like leaves which can easily flow in and block the drains.

When the snow melts, the water will flow through the debris and carry it along. Keeping the drains and waterway clear means less dirt builds up or seeps through the system. Therefore, aim to rake and pick up debris around your draining systems at least once a week.

Following the steps above will ensure you get through winter with ease. However, consider hiring a professional plumbing service to take care of your drain cleaning needs when things go wrong.