Hydro Jetting: A Superior Choice For Drain Cleaning

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Are you debating about whether to schedule a traditional drain augering or a hydro jetting service for a backed-up main drain? The following can help you decide.

Foul Odors Often Come Up the Drains

Drains don't have to be backing up to be a problem. Scum and food residue lining the sides of a drain pipe can lead to foul odors emanating from the drain, even if it empties easily. Further, this scum and residue can attract other issues, such as feeding drain flies. Rooting out the drain with an auger won't necessarily remove all the residue along the drain pipe, so odors can persist even after a service visit. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, completely sprays down the interior of the pipe and removes all residue. The result is a completely clean and odor-free drain.

Clogs Keep Building Up In the Same Areas

Does it seem like you need to plunge the same drain constantly? If so, then there is a clog that has yet to be completely cleared in the area. The cause could be collected grease or soap scum that keeps trapping fresh particulates until the flow is stopped. In other instances, it could be tree roots or another item lodged in the pipe that plunging or even an auger hasn't removed completely. Hydro jetting sprays high-pressure water in every direction, thus clearing every service in the pipe and forcing out any obstructions. It can be the last solution you need to stop frequent clogs.

Your Pipes Are Older or Irregular

Older pipes often become coated in mineralization or minor damages that result in an uneven pipe surface. Older pipes can also be prone to having more built-in irregularities, such as twists and turns, which makes it hard to clear them with a standard drain auger. This is where hydro jetting really outshines other options. First, the pressure can be adjusted so the water flow doesn't damage the more delicate older pipe. Further, the spray nozzle reaches every divot, bend, and twist in the pipe, so there is nowhere for drain clogs to hide.

There Are Roots In the Pipes

An auger can clear larger tree and plant roots, but it doesn't scrape out every single root growing into the drain line. To do so would require the auger to scrape down the sides of the pipe, which could cause damage. Hydro jetting is able to blast down the inside surfaces of the pipes without any damage, which means it can be much more thorough when it comes to removing invading tree roots.

Contact a local plumbing service for more information about hydro jet pipe cleaning.