Why Do You Need A Plumber To Install A Gas Line?

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If you fancy yourself a chef and have been dreaming about the day when you can enjoy a new gas range in your kitchen, you probably have thought about trying to install a gas line yourself. After all, why not spend a few days connecting hoses and spend the money you save on a better stove?

Unfortunately, this is a terrible idea for a number of different reasons, many of which are outlined below. If you need help with a gas line installation in your home, contact a plumber that offers it as part of their list of services.

It's Dangerous

It should go without saying, but anytime you work on a gas line, there's the possibility of danger. Whether that involves a heating source that is too close to the line or a leak in the gas line that allows toxic fumes to filter throughout your house, working on gas lines can be one of the most dangerous activities a homeowner engages in. Even if you're successful in installing the actual gas line itself, there's always the possibility of a misadjustment that can create an explosion down the road, so if there's any reason to leave this up to a professional, safety is it.

It May Be Illegal

Even if you know what you're doing, any kind of gas line work needs to be left up to a professional simply for legal reasons. In many states, working on your own gas lines requires a license, especially when it comes to installation. Even if you're able to duck the initial inspection and permits that need to be filed (absolutely NOT recommended), you'll still be confronted by a state inspector when you try to sell your home, who has seen every kind of gas line installation in the book. They'll flag you, and not only will you have to pay for it to be done by a licensed plumber, but you'll also be looking at a hefty fine as well.

It's Not Efficient

What's the use of having a brand new gas range in your kitchen if you're not able to fully enjoy it? A faulty DIY job means that your range won't be as efficient as it would be otherwise and you won't get the most out of your unit, so if you value your cooking experience — or any other part of your home that uses natural gas — you'll have it installed by someone who is trained and experienced in gas line installations.

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