Four Signs You Need Foundation Repair

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Apart from your roof, your foundation may be one of the most important parts of the structural integrity of your home. If your foundation is not level or has cracked, you'll need to hire a technician to repair it as soon as possible, or some of the other systems in your home won't function properly.

Early detection is key, so if you see any of the four signs listed below, contact a professional to perform foundation repair immediately.

Concrete Cracks

One of the most obvious signs that you have a problem with your foundation is cracks that appear in the foundation itself or on the walls inside your home. While some cracks may be inevitable due to settling after new home is built, excessive cracks can indicate a larger issue. Either erosion or sediment displacement can cause the foundation of your home to shift significantly, so you'll need to have a foundation contractor come in to re-pour certain areas to make sure your home is on proper footing.

Off-Center Cabinets

If your cabinet doors are at an angle and your drawers don't close all of a sudden, chances are, your foundation is to blame. While one or two doors may be an isolated incident, if all of them are sagging in the same direction then you probably have a low spot underneath your kitchen that needs to be addressed. You may also have a water leak in your homes foundation; if so, that will not only deteriorate your foundation at a rapid rate, but that can also cause your energy bills to skyrocket.

Uneven Floors

The whole point of having a foundation is to give your home a proper footing with which to set, so if you have parts of your home that are higher than the others, that needs to be addressed. There's a safety factor in this as well: elderly people and toddlers that don't have balance they need yet can trip and injure themselves. It can also cause significant damage to your flooring, especially hardwood, which can strain and crack if not addressed.

Doors That Don't Close

Although all doors can flex with the humidity levels inside the home, doors that don't close or that stick when you open and close them are telltale signs of a foundation that's in need of repair. While you can solve this problem by simply tightening or loosening the screws, you'll need to eventually take care the foundation before bigger problems surface. You'll also pay more for energy that is lost in the meantime, as those gaps underneath the door can cause a substantial amount of air to escape.

For more information on foundation repair issues, contact a local contractor.