Three Signs That You Have A Leak Under Your Concrete Foundations

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Many homes across America utilize the slab foundation technique, which is where concrete is laid out and the house is then built on top of it. Concrete slabs provide many benefits, from an even surface to great durability, but they can also come with some hidden dangers. One of these dangers is that if something happens to the plumbing underneath your slab, it can be almost impossible to realize this before the damage is too great. Here are three common signs that you should be on the lookout for that indicate you have a burst pipe under your foundations. If you see any of these, call for slab leak repair as soon as possible.

Sounds Of Trickling Water

Because it is virtually impossible to see the plumbing under your concrete slab, you may have to rely on your other senses. Sound can be a great indicator of if there is something wrong with your plumbing, and it pays to go down and listen to your plumbing every once in a while. If you can hear water running freely, clearly not inside a pipe, then you should immediately be on high alert. This sound should be constant, and it should increase when the water in your house is being used, such as during a toilet flush. Always call for slab leak repair if you can hear running water under your foundations.

Deep Cracks In Your Foundation

Water leaks can get every dangerous very quickly, even for something as strong as your foundation. When water is let free from your pipes, it searches for somewhere to go. Often, if there is enough water leaking out, it will simply create a little hole in the dirt for itself to exist in before it drains. If this hole gets big enough, it can destroy the structural integrity of the concrete slab and cause it to crack under the pressure. A crack in your foundation should always be something to be concerned about, so make sure to call for an expert as soon as one appears.

Pungent Smell

Just like you relied on your hearing instead of your sight in the first suggestion, so you can rely on your sense of smell too. Water pooling around your foundations and in through the cracks can cause bacteria and mold to grow freely. While you may or may not be able to see it, you should be able to smell it fairly easily if it is growing. It will often be quite a dark mold, and it can spread to other areas of your house as well. Not only is mold a bad sign, but it can be dangerous in and of itself, as many types of mold cause health problems. To treat the root cause, you need to receive slab leak repair first and then hire a mold expert.