Four Services You Didn't Know A Plumber Could Provide

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Despite the stereotype, plumbers are truly a jack of all trades. Not only can they repair leaky faucets and unclog toilets, as is commonly thought, they can also provide a whole slew of services to the average homeowner that not only repairs certain issues, but also makes their life significantly better. Below is a list of some services that they provide regularly; if you see a need for any of them in your home, contact a plumber to schedule plumbing services.

Gas Line Expansion

If your home runs on gas, or even has access to a gas line, you most likely have thought about upgrading your home's appliances to run on gas. Installing a gas range in your kitchen, for instance, is the dream of many would-be chefs, but making that hook-up can be somewhat difficult. Plumbers are experts at installing and expanding gas lines, since they have the permits and licenses required by federal agencies to do so. Not only that, but they can also advise you as to the best set up for your home.

Appliance Install

When most homeowners upgrade their appliances, they usually contract out the store that they bought it from to do the install as well. This is fine, but if there are any issues that the installer runs into that are out of the ordinary, they may not know how approach the situation. Professional plumbers not only manage plumbing systems, but can also work on appliances, so it makes sense that they'll be able to install them as well. If you want the job done right and efficiently the first time, contact a plumber to have it done for you.

Bathroom Renovation

Since the bathroom in your home is one of the areas that requires the most plumbing, it's also one of the areas that plumbers know the best. They've seen hundreds or even thousands of different bathrooms in their lifetime, and can not only advise you as to the best plumbing set up for your home, but can even consult you as to what type of fixtures and arrangement would be best. In some cases, they may be able to even recommend certain fixtures that you hadn't even thought of, so be sure to ask their advice if you plan on doing any kind of home remodeling.

Improve Water Quality

Nearly 85% of homes deal with hard water issues, and that hard water cannot only wreak havoc on your home's plumbing system, but can also cause certain health issues as well. If you want to improve your home's water supply, contact a plumber to ask about installing a home filtration system to improve your water quality.

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