Is It Time to Get a Septic Pumping? How to Find Out

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All the wastewater from your home goes into the septic tank. The wastewater includes water from your toilet, shower, and kitchen sink. As you can imagine, things can get backed up every so often, which is why septic pumping should get done. You should figure out if it is the right time to get your septic tank pumped while also understanding the importance of the detailed pumping process.

When Is It a Good Time to Get a Septic Pumping Done?

Most households will need to have their septic tanks pumped once every few years. If you have never had it done, it is probably a good time to do so. It is much more important to have your septic tank pumped when you have multiple people living in the household because that means you will produce more wastewater than someone who lives alone. When you are already running into different plumbing problems, such as sewage backup and a foul smell, you likely have a buildup in your septic tank that needs to get flushed out to get things back to normal.

What Occurs During a Septic Pumping?

When pumping the septic tank, the plumber uses special equipment, such as a water transfer pump with a hose and a vacuum truck. The vacuum hose works to suction out the gunk from inside the tank, leaving it a lot cleaner. When a homeowner gets their septic tank pumped out regularly, the job is often easier for the plumber to complete. If it has been a long time, there might be many solids inside the tank that will need to get removed. The plumber may need to spray extra water directly into the tank and then come back within the same year to complete the pumping process all over again because of the substantial buildup inside of it.

Your wastewater goes right to the septic tank, which eventually needs to get pumped and cleaned by a plumber. When neglected for too long, the buildup inside the tank gets bad, leading to some major plumbing issues. Avoid problems with your drains by calling a plumber out to the property to complete the septic pumping. You can keep the septic tank in great condition by having it pumped at least once every few years. Failure to do so could cost you much more money in the long run when you begin dealing with backed-up toilets, sewage in your bathtub, and drains that smell terrible.