Four Signs Your Sewer Line Is In Trouble

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Nobody likes to deal with the sewer lines in their home, but unfortunately, there are some occasions where a failure to deal with smaller issues will inevitably lead to much bigger issues. Sewer line repair isn't fun, but if you see any of the four signs mentioned below, call a plumber as soon as possible.

Pool in Your Yard

Having a pool is a great way to beat the summer heat, but they usually belong in the backyard, not the front. If you walk out your front door and notice a body of water has developed or that parts of it are sagging below the rest of the ground, it could mean that your sewer line has collapsed and is slowly filling up with soil. This is a major issue, and one that needs to be fixed before you end up having to conduct a full replacement. 

Backflow In Your Bathroom

One of the most disgusting sights a homeowner can experience is a toilet that is backing up into your bathroom. Not only is there sewage everywhere, but the smells will permeate through the rest of the home and possibly make you have to relocate for a time. Make a note of which drains are backing up; if it's just one drain, it's possible that the clog could be isolated to just one spot. If multiple drains are backing up into your home, you'll probably need to hire sewer repair.

Unexplained Mold

Mold anywhere is a sign that there is moisture somewhere, so if you've already confirmed that the water line is intact, check the sewer line next. Start where the mold is heaviest — since that means water has been there the longest — and work with the plumber to find a possible leak. If you find one, schedule a sewer line repair to solve the initial issue, and then have mold abatement services afterwards.

Pungent Sewer Smell

You don't have to wait for major issues to develop before noticing a problem; in some cases, you'll smell the issue long before you see any other signs. If you have a strong sewer smell radiating from not just one drain but several, that's usually the first indicator that there is a problem with your sewer line somewhere. You may also experience an influx of rodents and bugs that accompany it, which can make the problem even worse. Regardless, get the sewer line inspected by a professional plumber as soon as possible.

For more information on sewer line repair, contact a local plumber.