Four Most Common Types Of Plumbing Emergencies

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Plumbing repair is one thing, but a plumbing emergency is another beast entirely. These events always happen at the most inconvenient times - middle of the night, holidays, weekends, etc - but when they do, you need an emergency plumbing contractor, now! Fortunately, most emergency plumbers are experienced in a wide variety of issues related to plumbing repair, so you can rest easy knowing your problem will be taken care of in a snap.

Below are four of the most common reasons you may have to call an emergency plumbing contractor.

No Water

The basic reason that anyone has a plumbing system is to transport water in and out of your house. If you turn on the faucet and nothing comes out, that's a problem. While the issue may be something minor, like a water valve turned off or municipal water issue, it could also be a sign that your main water valve sprung a major leak. The best thing to do is to confirm with your neighbors if they have water; if they do, the issue is specific to your house.

Overflowing Toilet

A toilet that is clogged can cause a mess in a hurry, especially if the water isn't shutting off when it's supposed to. The key to making sure this never happens is to restrict what you put down the drain; flushable wipes, paper towels, and even candy wrappers belong in the trash, not the toilet. If your toilet is running however, the first thing to do is to turn off the main water valve to your house and call an emergency plumber to come and diagnose the issue.

Burst Pipe

A swimming pool in your yard is a great addition to your home, but not if you don't have a swimming pool, to begin with. Standing water in your yard is usually the result of a broken water or sewer line underneath the ground and is far outside the scope of the average DIYer. You'll need to call an emergency plumbing contractor to fix this issue before you start racking up massive water bills.

Lost Wedding Ring

This one isn't necessarily a plumbing emergency as it is a marriage emergency. Lots of people call plumbers every year in a panic because their wedding ring slipped off and fell down the toilet or the sink drain, but the problem can usually be resolved by simply removing the p-trap and fishing around a bit. Turn off the water and call an emergency plumber, and they'll use every tool in their arsenal to retrieve your priceless treasure.