3 Signs Your Modern Boiler Has A Water Leak

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The residential boiler system may be one of the most unique types of home heating available. Relying on either water or steam to deliver heat to different points of the house, these home implements must rely on water to function. While electrical issues or gas supplication can be common causes for heating repair with boilers, water issues can be a reason as well. One of the most common causes for concern is if you have a leaking boiler heat system. Unfortunately, water leaks with boiler systems are not always readily spotted. Here are a few signs your boiler system is leaking and you need heating repair. 

1. You have high pressure inside your boiler. 

High pressure readings are usually a sign that there is something off with the system for sure, but one thing you may not know about this type of heater is that when the pressure is too high, the valves start to push out water. This is an automatic function to relieve the pressure inside the holding lines, so make sure you look around release valves to see if they are pushing out steam or water. If you do find water here, make sure you shut down the boiler and call for a heating repair technician for help. 

2. You see a lot of moisture around the water seals. 

Moisture around the water seals is often blamed on condensation by the unwitting boiler owner. These seals can be found at the base of the water holding tank and in several other places. Even though condensation is always a possibility, leakage is also sometimes to blame, especially if the seals have been in use for a while. The rubber seals thwart leaks, but they can break down and allow water to seep out of the tank. 

3. You see your water bills climb higher than usual. 

Sometimes, a sign of a leaking boiler system is as simple as a higher water bill. Just like other water-using appliances, the boiler heat system is connected to water feed lines so the tank can be automatically topped off as water levels drop inside the boiler's tank or tube. You may not always notice when a boiler is refilling, so the best indication something is wrong is by watching your water usage levels. If you see a drastic change without another likely explanation, the boiler could be leaking and consuming more water than usual, so reaching out to a heating repair professional for help is best.