Learn More About Your Drains and Hydro Jetting

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If you don't know much about your plumbing beyond knowing that putting grease down the drains is very bad, then you should do what you can to learn more about it. There are a lot of different types of problems that can be prevented with just a basic understanding of your home's plumbing system. Something you should learn about is clogs and hydro jetting. Knowing more about these two things can prove to be extremely helpful and can save you a whole lot of money by avoiding plenty of issues.

1. Your pipes take lots of turns

Your pipes will take a lot of turns as they are their way to and from your home from the faucets, drains, and toilets to the septic or sewer pipes. These turns can often be the areas where clogs happen. If a big enough piece of sludge, hair, or anything else gets caught up in the curve, then anything else that goes through at the same time can cause worse clogs. Also, even little amounts of grease can end up sticking to the sides of the pipes at any point, and it is often in the curves. When that grease sticks, it acts as a glue for other things that are passing by it, so they create additional clogs.

2. Your pipes can have a lot already going on

If you recently moved into your home, then you don't know how the plumbing was treated by the people who lived in the home before you. They may have done a lot of things wrong, like pouring grease down the drains and flushing things that shouldn't be flushed, like wipes that say they are flushable and cat litter that says it is flushable, but they still shouldn't be flushed.

3. You want to be proactive

You can end up with a clogged sink at the worst time. Imagine that you are cooking a holiday feast, or you are cooking a meal to entertain a group of friends and all of a sudden your kitchen sink is clogged, very clogged. This can make it so much harder for you to finish all of that cooking! This is just one example of how a sudden clog can make your life temporarily much more difficult. You can significantly decrease your chances of being surprised like this by having your pipes cleaned about every year and a half to two years.

4. Learn more about hydro jetting

Whether you have a clog, or you are wanting to have your drains cleaned, you should learn about hydro jetting and how it can help you. Hydro jetting is a process for cleaning your pipes that uses high-pressure hoses and strong jets of water to push clogs through and obliterate them. If you have a plumber come out and they use hydro jetting, then you will know anything clinging to the sides of the inside of your pipes or stuck in a turn will be destroyed, leaving you with wide-open pipes and less of a chance of clogs happening anytime soon.

For more information about hydro jetting, contact companies like All County Rooter.