Drain Cleaning And How It Helps Your Plumbing System

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Drain cleaning is done by professional plumbers to give your plumbing system the best chance at removing waste water from your home without forming clogs. When you try to clean your drains using chemical drain cleaners, you are usually harming your pipes more than you are helping them. A professional drain cleaning should be done once a year to keep your drains in good working order. You should also schedule cleaning whenever you notice you have a systemic problem and more than one drain is going slow or you have odors coming from your drains. Your plumber will take a careful look at your pipes to figure out what is causing the clog and make sure your drains are cleaned using methods that won't harm your plumbing.

The Dangers of Chemical Drain Cleaners

While chemical drain cleaners may take care of a clog that is right near the surface of your drain, this is all they are good for. Chemical drain cleaners don't reach clogs deep in your system, and they cause damage to your pipes on the way down. If you have a clog caused by tree roots, chemical drain cleaners aren't going to touch the clog. Your plumber will need to use tools to break up the tree roots so that they can flow through your system and drain out. 

Protect Your Existing Plumbing and Home

Drain cleaning helps prevent a complete system blockage. If you have a clog in your system and it becomes complete, this is going to lead to wastewater coming back up into your home through your drains. This is why you might start to smell an odor coming from your drains. When this occurs, you have wastewater that is starting to build up because of a partial clog. 

Keep Water Flowing Out of Your Home

There are times when something gets flushed down your drain that shouldn't. Over time, these types of things can get stuck in your plumbing and lead to a blockage. Drain cleaning takes care of any mistakes you make with flushing down unwanted items or letting food grease get into your plumbing system. Drain cleaning keeps water flowing away from your home and prevents wastewater from flowing back in.

If you have odors or you notice that all of your drains are moving slow, drain cleaning is going to make a positive impact on your plumbing system. Contact a local company like American Minuteman Sewer & Drain to schedule a cleaning.