The Best Energy Efficient Improvements For Plumbing When Renovating Your Home

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If you are doing major renovations to your home, you want to make sure that there are energy-efficient improvements done too. Some of these improvements can be done to mechanical systems like HVAC and plumbing. The plumbing improvements that you can do will improve efficiency, add resources to your home and protect it from damage. The following are some of the best energy-efficient improvements to do to your home when renovations are done: 

Installation of Renewable Energy and Efficient Water Heaters for Household Plumbing  

One of the options that you will want to consider when doing improvements to your plumbing is a more efficient water heater. To start, you may want to consider renewable energy solutions such as a solar water heater or connecting your water heater to a geothermal loop. In addition, there are also modern options like on-demand and heat pump water heaters for a more efficient solution for your household plumbing hot water needs.  

Plumbing Pipe Replacement Options for More Efficient Mechanical System Design  

There are also solutions for the replacement of old pipes with a more efficient design. Using plumbing designs that have less pipe to deliver water to fixtures can improve the efficiency of your home. In addition, there are also options like plumbing manifolds which deliver the water from the source, reducing energy loss and making maintenance of household plumbing an easier task.  

Water Collection and Greywater Recycling Solutions That Will Make Your Home More Efficient  

Another solution that you may want to consider to improve the efficiency of household plumbing is water collection. Simple rain collection systems can be improved with filtration to give you more uses for the water that you collect. In addition, you may want to consider greywater recycling for non-potable water needs inside and outside your home, such as for landscape irrigation or to flush toilets.  

Pipe Insulation and The Location of New Pipes to Improve Efficiency and Prevent Damage to Your Home  

Pipe insulation is another improvement that you will want to consider for your home's plumbing. The insulation of pipes will help to lessen energy loss for any pipes that are exposed to outside air, as well as prevent damage. In addition, consider the location of pipes to reduce the exposure to cold air that can cause winter plumbing damage and energy loss.  

These are some of the energy-efficient plumbing improvements to do to your home when doing major renovations. If you are ready to start with some of these improvements to your home, contact a plumbing service for help with these energy efficient improvements for your home's mechanical systems.