Common Toilet Problems And The Plumbing Repairs That Can Help

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One of the more common reasons for needing plumbing repairs is when something goes wrong with your toilet. A toilet that doesn't work can throw your house into turmoil. It's not only an inconvenience, but you may run the risk of water leaking on the floor or the toilet overflowing. Here are some things that might go wrong with your toilet and how a plumber can fix them.

The Toilet Keeps Running

You can waste a lot of water if your toilet keeps running between flushes. You might even get a startling water bill if the problem goes on for very long. Your toilet may run because of a problem with the parts in the tank, or there might be a problem with the seal between the tank and the bowl. A plumber can fix these issues by putting in new parts. You can usually tell if your toilet is running because you can hear it. However, if you can't hear it, your first clue could be when you get a high water bill. To verify the tank is leaking into the bowl, drop some food coloring in the tank and check the water color in the toilet bowl later. If the toilet bowl water is changing colors, you know there's a leak in your toilet somewhere.

There Are Problems With Flushing

If your toilet has a weak flush or if the bowl overflows occasionally, there could be a clog building in the sewer line. If the bowl starts backing up like it's going to overflow, pull open the tank lid and press down on the flapper so no more water can flow into the bowl. Also, shut off the water supply valve behind the toilet. You might fix this problem by plunging the toilet, but if you can't get the toilet to start flushing like it's supposed to, call a plumber. The plumber might use a snake or other tool to clean out the sewer line so your drains start flowing fast and your toilet has a strong flush again.

The Toilet Leaks On The Floor

Your toilet can leak for a few reasons. The tank or bowl might have a crack that's allowing water to escape. If the drip is coming from the underside of the tank, there might be a bad gasket on the bottom of the fill valve. The problem might also be with the wax ring under the toilet that seals the toilet to the drain in the floor. See if you can stop the leak by shutting off the water supply valve. This might help once the tank is empty if the leak is in the tank or water supply hose.

You don't want to delay getting a leaky toilet fixed because the water can damage the floor around your toilet and make the floor weak and saggy as it rots. Plus, the rotting floor can attract bugs to your bathroom. A plumber can determine the source of the leak and make the right repairs to get your toilet back to normal. For more help, contact a company like Eddie B Plumbing today.