3 Drain Cleaning Tricks You Must Know

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When it comes to living in a home or an apartment as an adult, one of the complications you will more than likely deal with at some point is a clogged drain. Drains get clogged for a variety of reasons, from a build-up of grease in the line to a bunch of hair getting clogged together. That is why it is helpful to know a few tricks to deal with a clogged drain.

The Simple Answer Is Often the Best: The Hot Water Trick

One of the simplest tricks to clean your drain when it is clogged is often the best method. Flushing your pipes with some boiling hot water is often all that is necessary to clean things up. You can literally boil a few pots full of hot water and flush them down the drain, or you can turn on the faucet to the hottest setting and just run the hot water for at least fifteen minutes. A constant stream of hot water at high pressure can help break up gunk that has built up in your faucets.

All that hot water can help break up things that solidify when mostly lukewarm and cool water is running through your pipes. This is often all that is needed to do to get your pipes working again.

You Can Avoid the Chemicals: Stick to Homemade Cleaners

Next, when it comes to cleaning your pipes, try to avoid chemical cleaners. Chemical cleaners may seem like an easy solution, but they present as many problems as they solve. Chemical cleaners are harsh on your septic tank and on the public sewer system, as well. Strong chemical drain cleaners can also break down and damage your pipes if you use them too much.

Instead, use homemade cleaning agents instead. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda can do as much to clean your drains as a mixture of strong chemicals. Stick to more basic homemade cleaners when you want to clean your drains.

Expensive Tools Not Needed: A Plunger Will Do

You don't need a bunch of fancy tools to deal with a clogged drain. Oftentimes, something as simple as a plunger will do. Plungers are not just for toilets. Invest in a sink plunger that you can use on any clogged sink or drain such as the one in your tub or shower. Plungers use air to pressure to force clogs out of the way and can be a very effective tool to use on a wide variety of different clogs.

When it comes to dealing with a clogged drain, often the simplest solutions are the best. Use some hot water, try some homemade cleaners, and use your plunger. If that doesn't do the trick, call in a professional to assist you.

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