Why You Might Need Portable Toilets At Your Construction Site

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As a construction site owner, you have a long list of things to keep up with every hour of every day. You, of course, want to make sure your employees and contractors have all of the tools and safety equipment they need to get the job done in a timely fashion. But there's one other thing your employees might need in the middle of the workday that you might not have thought about. If your company is not providing portable toilets on site, you might be throwing a wrench into the entire project. Here's why you should reach out to a company that specializes in providing  a portable restroom for construction sites like yours.

Why Make Your Employees Leave the Area If They Don't Have To?

The more focused you can keep your employees on the current job, the quicker they can complete the entire project. Yet, if nature calls and you have employees repeatedly having to leave the area just to find a bathroom, each of those delays is going to add up over time. By adding a portable toilet right to your construction site, your employees and contractors can take care of business right away and then immediately get back to work. They won't have to walk or drive to the closest gas station, leaving their work waiting for them in the meantime.

It May Be Required By the Union

Are you working with employees or contractors who belong to a specific union that represents construction workers like them? Well, read the fine print on your contract. If the union was part of negotiations or you agreed to meet all union terms, there might be a clause or two in there about workplace conveniences. You may be required, per the terms of your contract, to provide adequate facilities on the site of your construction projects so that employees can either relieve themselves or wash up if needed. Even if there is no clause saying it's required, your workers will surely appreciate a boss who goes out of his or her way to provide sufficient facilities every time.

Don't Create a Public Nuisance 

The other option your contractors might have besides leaving the construction site when they have to go is to try and find a tree or bush to hide behind while on the actual site. Do you really want that to happen? What if they are still mostly in public view by a highway when it happens? What if the client shows up right in the middle of someone taking care of business? A portable restroom helps maintain everyone's dignity and keeps your company looking professional