Three Things You Shouldn't Do When Selecting Portable Toilets For A Wedding

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When you're going to have an outdoor wedding, you'll need a place for guests to go when nature calls. You'll also need to make sure that your portable toilet rental fits in great with your wedding and doesn't detract from the overall experience. 

1. Don't Run Out of Toilets

The most important part of handling the bladder needs of your guests is making sure that you have enough portable toilets available. If you're not sure how many you'll need, inform a portable toilet rental service of the size of your wedding. When in doubt, it's better to have too many than not enough. However, in some cases, too many portable toilet rentals might lead to you not having enough space for your wedding. You'll want to make sure that your toilets are placed on comfortable and dry ground.

2. Don't Think Portable Bathrooms Can't Be Stylish

Your experience inside the portable toilet rental is wholly dependent on how much you are willing to pay for the rental service. There are some celebrity portable toilets that come with all of the modern amenities and can also be gorgeous as far as bathrooms go. If you have access to electricity and running water, you can provide your guests with the same level of comfort that they could expect from home.

Regardless of how sophisticated your portable toilets will be, its essential that you provide your guests with access to hand soap. The last thing guests want to do is be unable to wash their hands and then be expected to have a meal. They won't be able to enjoy fancy finger food during cocktail hour.

3. Don't Forget to Consider Trailers

If you're concerned about the appearance of portapotties, a trailer will look much better at your wedding than a standard portapotty. Trailers will not even look necessarily like a bathroom and will also offer your guests more space. They will typically come with wooden cabinets and accent rugs. There may even be paintings placed on the wall. The purpose is to make your guest feel like he or she is part of a black tie affair.

To provide your guests with enough comfort, make sure to order enough supplies. For example, the last thing you want is for a guest to use the restroom and not have any toilet paper. Then, you may be forced to send someone involved in the planning of your wedding out on an emergency trip to purchase more.