Sewer Line Backup From Root Infiltration

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If you are a homeowner, you are responsible for part of the municipal sewer system leading from your home to the sewer lateral located under the street. Because of this, any blockage caused by tree root infiltration will be your responsibility. Fortunately, most plumbers are experts in sewer repair services, and can clear your sewer line backups in accordance with your city's plumbing code. Here are some important things you need to know about root infiltration so that you can be an informed homeowner:

Telltale Signs Of Root Clogs

Detecting a root infiltration problem in your sewer line early on will help you avoid costly repair bills. One of the first signs of a sewer line clog may include gurgling sounds coming from your toilet. In addition to this, your sinks may be slow to drain, and may frequently back up.

You may also get water backup from the drain in your bathtub, and while these signs can be related to minor plumbing problems, you'll need to call a plumber who can inspect your sewer line for tree root damage. Sewer line inspection is typically done with a video camera probe that your plumber runs through the pipes to detect obstructions and breaks. 

Root Infiltration Solutions

After your plumber has assessed the situation in your sewer line, a plan of action can then be implemented. If the root damage is not too extensive, the roots can be cleared with a routing tool that chops, or cuts through the tree roots to eliminate the obstruction.

Another method of getting rid of tree roots is to treat them with a chemical that inhibits their growth, but does not affect the health of the tree. If, however, the sewer pipes have sustained extensive damage as a result of the tree root infiltration, the sewer line will need to be replaced.  

Sewer line replacement is more expensive than treating the roots with chemicals or mechanically chopping them up with a router because the street needs to be dug up so that access can be made to the sewer line.

There is some good news, though. Replacing your old clay or metal pipes with newer pipes made from durable plastic will keep your sewer line less susceptible to future root invasion, which is the best long-term solution for most homeowners. 

If you believe that your sewer line may have been infiltrated by tree roots, make an appointment with a sewer repair services professional. When tree root problems are discovered and addressed early on, you will be less likely to incur large repair bills.