Reasons To Replace Your Old Toilet With A New One

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Toilets can last for years. If your toilet is decades old, you may be wondering if you should replace it. If your toilet has problems inside the tank with leaking or running constantly, a plumber can usually make repairs without the need to replace the toilet. Still, there are times when getting a new toilet could be a good idea. Here's when you may want to consider a toilet upgrade.

There's A Crack In The Porcelain

A cracked toilet isn't a good thing, even if the crack isn't leaking yet. When you see a tiny crack that isn't leaking or a large one that is dripping, it's time to consider replacing the toilet. There's a good chance the crack will get larger, and that could lead to water spilling out on your floor. Sometimes a tiny crack in a toilet can be repaired depending on where it is, but it may be necessary to replace your toilet. A crack gives you the perfect reason to upgrade to a new toilet.

You Want The Latest Features

If your toilet is decades old, the newer models have probably changed quite a bit. You may want a low-flow toilet to save on water, or a touchless toilet that flushes with the wave of your hand. If water conservation is important because you want to save on your water bill or be gentle on your septic system, you might want a dual-flush toilet that uses a smaller amount of water when you're flushing liquid only.

Your Old Toilet Is An Eyesore

If your old toilet is ugly because it has a chip on the tank lid and scratches on the surface, you may wish you had a new toilet that was more attractive. If you have hard water, your toilet may have years of scale buildup or if your water has a high iron content, your toilet may be stained. If your toilet is stained and you've tried scrubbing and using cleaners on it until you're tired of messing with cleaning it, then it may be time to start over with a fresh, clean toilet.

You're Planning To Renovate The Bathroom

If you're going to renovate the entire bathroom, then you'll probably want a new toilet to go with the rest of the upgrades. You can choose a newer style that will match the more modern look of your new bath. Toilets can be one piece or two piece, and the bowls and tanks can have different shapes.

New toilets come in a range of prices. You can buy a budget toilet if you need a new one quick for a leaking toilet and you don't want to spend much money, or you can spend more on a luxury toilet. Visit a plumbing showroom to see all your choices so you pick out the perfect toilet to last for the next few decades.