Now's The Perfect Time: 3 Things You Can Do This Summer To Prep Your Pipes For Winter

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You may have warm temperatures right now, but cold weather is just around the corner. When those temperatures finally drop, you want to make sure that your pipes are prepared. Without proper protection, the first winter freeze may prove disastrous for your pipes and your home. Because the cold weather has a way of creeping up on you, summer is the perfect time to prepare your pipes for winter. That way you're prepared should an early winter freeze arrive without warning. Here are three steps you can take this summer to make sure that your pipes are ready for the first freeze.

Winterize Your Outdoor Hose Bibs

Where your outdoor hose bibs are concerned, you need to do more than simply remove the hoses (although you'll need to do that once summer is officially over). Exterior hose bibs are particularly vulnerable to the freezing temperatures. Before winter arrives this year, have freeze-proof spigots installed on all your exterior water faucets. One of the benefits of a freeze-proof spigot is that water is drained from the pipe after each use. That means there's no water in the line to freeze. Finally, you'll want to install hose bib covers on all your outdoor spigots. Hose bib covers provide an added layer of protection against ruptures. It's important to note that you can winterize your outside hose bibs right now, and still have use of them before it's actually winter.

Upgrade Your Residential Thermostat

If you enjoy winter travel, you need to be able to protect your pipes while you're away. The best way to do that is through your residential thermostat. Before you leave town this winter, upgrade to a WiFi-controlled thermostat. Your thermostat will send a warning to your smartphone each time the temperature takes a drastic dip. This allows you to make adjustments to the temperature before your pipes burst. As an added benefit, if you take the opportunity to upgrade your thermostat during the summer, you can also control the temperature to keep things cool right now.

Get Your Pipes Inspected

If you haven't identified any leaks, you may think that your pipes are ready for winter. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily the case. Depending on how many freeze/thaw cycles your home has endured over the years, your water pipes could already be damaged even if you don't see cracks or leaks. Each time the water freezes, your pipes expand. Unfortunately, each expansion causes the pipes to weaken, which increases the risk of rupture. An inspection will identify areas of pipe that have been damaged by freeze/thaw expansion.

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