Tips To Help You Remodel And Update Your Home Bathroom

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After living in your home for several years, its interior can become in need of an update with new surfaces and new colors and fixtures. But making some of these updates to your home interior can be expensive unless you know the right methods to use to remodel with a smaller budget. Here are two updates and some tips you can use to update your bathroom and remodel it to give it a new look with a less expensive approach.

Replace the Faucet

The fixtures in your bathroom can take a lot of use but will begin to show wear as they age, especially if your area has particularly hard water or there are a lot of people in your home. If your bathroom fixtures were installed last century or even a decade ago, replacing them can greatly improve the appearance of your bathroom. 

Be sure to apply a line of clear silicone caulk around the bottom of the faucet before you mount it onto the counter. This will create a waterproof seal around the interior connection of your new fixture to prevent water intrusion and related damage. And if you have any extra parts or special tools for installing the sink, place them into a bag and attach them under the sink for future use. This can help prevent having to buy any replacement parts when you need to complete repairs.

You can replace your bathroom faucet with an easy-to-install fixture—some fixtures can be installed right from the top of your sink. Look for a fixture at your local home improvement store that has this feature so you can avoid having to crawl beneath the sink to install it. You also have the option to hire a professional plumber to complete your faucet installation

Repaint Your Countertop

When you are considering replacing your bathroom faucet, this is a great opportunity to paint your counter while the faucet is disconnected. This will give you full access to resurface the counter with the faucet out of the way. It will give your bathroom a new look without a large investment. Buying a new countertop for your bathroom, whether you buy laminate or granite, can cost you a few hundred dollars or more.

Check with your local home improvement store for a countertop resurface kit with paint or epoxy. This kit will provide you all the tools and equipment you need to prepare and resurface your countertop. Preparing the surface with the right cleaning, sanding, and primer application is essential to make sure your new counter's coating does not peel or flake off. Also, be sure to allow all treatments to cure fully before you paint and seal the new coating.