Understanding Ultraviolet Lighting In Your AC Unit

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If you or your family has allergies or if you're sensitive to mold, then you'll need to rely on your AC installation service professional to ensure that your ventilation system and filters are regularly cleaned and maintained. While changing your furnace filters a couple of times a year helps prevent dirt and debris from infiltrating your living space, there are other things that can done that will greatly improve the quality of your air. One such way is to install ultraviolet lights in your air conditioning unit. Here is what you need to know about ultraviolet light installation in your air conditioning unit.

Microbial Elimination 

Ultraviolet lights help eliminate microbes such as bacteria and mold and are typically installed close to your air conditioning coils, to discourage bacterial or fungal growth in the air as it flows though the coils. The ultraviolet lights will get rid of mold and bacteria before they have the chance to infiltrate the air, which may significantly reduce allergic symptoms such as sneezing, runny nose, watery eyes, and coughing in people with allergies. While ultraviolet lights can kill mold, mildew, and bacteria, they have little effect on pet dander or reducing the amount of dust that can get into your cooling system. Although ultraviolet lights may not completely kill all mold spores, they significantly reduce the mold counts in the air.

Ultraviolet Light Routine Maintenance 

Your air conditioner's ultraviolet lights need regular maintenance, such as routine cleaning and bulb replacement, on a yearly basis. While ultraviolet lighting inside your cooling unit can help keep your air quality high, it is also crucial that your air conditioning unit is routinely inspected and maintained by a heating and cooling professional. Also, while maintaining ultraviolet lighting is not complicated, if you are unsure about how to properly clean or change the bulbs, call a service technician. Improper handling of the light bulbs may result in a mechanical breakdown inside the unit, electrical fire, or an injury. 

To learn more about how ultraviolet lighting inside your air conditioning unit can help you and your family breathe cleaner air, talk to an AC installation professional. He or she will also explain the importance of having your unit inspected on a regular basis and of having your ductwork inspected for signs of wear, tear, and mold infestation. While ultraviolet lights will help keep your air clean, they will do little to prevent a mold infestation from developing inside your ductwork, if caused by roof leaks.