Rely On A Plumber To Recover Your Flushed Ring

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A wedding or engagement ring is often the most valuable piece of jewelry that a woman owns. Rings are small and shiny, which makes them interesting to young children. It's possible that your child could see your ring sitting on the sink and drop it into the toilet. You could even knock the ring into the toilet yourself without realizing it.

Rings that have been flushed down a toilet drain may seem like they are gone forever, but a skilled plumber can help you recover the ring that holds so much sentimental and financial value.

Visual Confirmation

The first thing a plumber will do when responding to a call for help recovering a flushed ring is to try and gain visual confirmation that the ring is actually in your plumbing. This is typically done with the help of a small fiber optic camera that is attached to the end of an auger.

The camera transmits a live video feed to a small monitor that the plumber can view at all times. Once the ring has been spotted, the plumber can use the position of the camera to determine the ring's exact location within your plumbing system.

Proper Tools

It is critical that only approved tools are used to make repairs to your plumbing system. Using the wrong tools could cause serious damage, resulting in the need for costly repairs. A plumber will have a specialized auger that can be used to retrieve your ring from deep within the toilet drain.

Your plumber can wield the auger with great skill, keeping your plumbing system fully intact.

Manual Retrieval

In the event that your plumber is unable to reach your flushed ring with the auger, it might become necessary to manually retrieve the piece of jewelry. Since the fiber optic camera identifies the exact location of the ring, an experienced plumber can access the pipes in that area to release the ring from within.

This process could require the removal of some drywall or the disconnection of plumbing joints. Putting the pipes back together the right way will prevent leaks from causing water damage in your home. A plumber will be able to efficiently disassemble and assemble any plumbing components that stand in the way of recovering your valuable ring.

As soon as you realize that your ring has been flushed down the toilet, contact a bathroom plumber for help retrieving the ring from the bowels of your home's plumbing system.